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Garage Door Openers

Call Magic for outstanding garage door repair and service. In North Hills , help is just a phone call away. For the best customer service and a faster response time call us today.

We introduced better garage door opener service and replacement in North Hills over 10 years ago. With more than 10 years of indisputable service to our customers, there are not any better garage door opener repair technicians than at Magic . Our technicians are local experts that have been in the garage door opener industry for a long time. With the factory training they receive, you can count on the best garage door technicians working on your door.

Our technicians improve their skills at factory schools regularly and have factory certifications for all the modern garage door opener makes and models. When you look at the variety of openers and operators available, it gets impressive. It means if your garage door is under warranty, they can do warranty work for the factory.

We get referral work from satisfied customers like you and we are always grateful for recommendations. We know what you want and Magic technicians work fast to give that to you. We work very hard to deliver the level of service you ought to have.

Magic is the garage door repair company to call when you have trouble opening your garage door. If you need emergency garage door opener repair, give us a call and our technicians will be over in less than 60 minutes.

North Hills  Garage Door Security

Remember that factory training means we are capable to work on your brand name, make, and model. That is a huge difference hiring Magic Garage Door makes for you. Don’t forget that we offer garage door installation in the North Hills area if you want to update the look of your garage door, give us a call. We save you money on new installations.

At Magic Garage Door, we offer a high level of service to home and commercial customers. We keep our inventories up to date with what we offer so we meet the industry’s changing technology.

Every home or commercial property is different and needs attention. Our professional staff can show you all the options and the what the differences mean. Knowing what is available for garage door openers and operators guarantees your satisfaction for decades to come. If you don’t know what the options are, you can’t make the smartest purchase for your property.

Garage door openers were a luxury for rich people not too long ago. Today, garage door openers and operators are a standard feature for residential and commercial real estate.

Because of demand, prices have come down considerably and now they come with features that would have been inconceivable 20 years ago. Manufacturers such as Genie, Chamberlain, Odyssey, and Lift-Masters products are among of what we carry.

Every garage door opener model is available in belt, chain, or screw drive. Choosing the right garage door opener or operator for your garage door can be difficult. We can guide you through all the options available for safety, convenience, and security. You decide what is important to you. There are lots of great and very useful options available today.

Most people never think about their garage door opener when it works. Why would they? In truth, your garage door is the biggest safety and security component on your home. When it won’t close you garage door is the single largest breach to your security in your home.

If it is not in perfect working order, it’s a way in for would-be thieves. Garage door openers do more than open your garage door. It provides a lock that keeps your home secure. That is why over the last 20 years garage door openers have gone from being that luxury item to a standard item for every garage. Because of the immediate level of security it gives, your garage door opener should be maintained by a qualified company.

Some of the superior models offer features that go well beyond locking the garage door. Your garage door opener can close and secure the door even if you forget to close it.

Other models have a feature that allows you to remotely open or close the door and you can let people into your home while you are away. This is handy if you want people to check up on your home or take care of plants while you are away. You can even lock up your garage when they leave. That’s convenient! Great security features give you peace of mind.

We offer 24-hour garage door repair, automatic gate repair, and garage door installations. We work with your schedule. Our technicians come out when it’s opportune for you. Magic Garage Door is licensed and insured to protect our clientele and their property. Call us.